Abed is the 1st Pinoy to reach 9k MMR in DOTA2


Abed is a well-known Meepo player even considered by many as the best Meepo player in the world, and now not only could we call him one of the best Filipino players but one of the best in the world! He made history as the very first Pinoy player to reach 9,000 Solo matchmaking points or MMR at the game DOTA2. Before joining team Onyx (NA), Abed is a former player of team Execration (PH).

At the moment the 16 year old Filipino is now ranked No.1 top Solo MMR in America. Turns out to be Abed is the youngest Dota 2 player in the world to reach 9k Solo MMR, breaking the record of Russian player Roman “RAMZES666” Kushnarev who hit 9k at the age of 17.

Although we didn’t get the leaderboard screenshot when Abed hit exactly 9011 MMR but here’s the American leaderboard at this time of posting:

Many are saying that he only reached 9k since he’s now playing at NA server and not the toxic SEA server but that won’t change the fact that he’s one of very few players to hit 9k Solo MMR. For those who are asking Onyx.Abed is the second 9k MMR South East Asian player, Secret.MidOne was the first.

img source: www.facebook.com/Abed.Official


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