How to Buy Tickets for The Masters Manila 2017 Online


There are two ways on how you can purchase your own ticket to The Manila Masters 2017 which will be held here in the Philippines, the first one which should be the easy way specially if you live here in the Philippines is to go personally to SM ticket outlets in your area.

But if you’re from other countries or you’re a local but prefer buying the ticket online, here’s a simple guide:

  1. The first thing you should decide first is the seat you want and that you can afford, here’s the ticket pricing per seating rank:

    and here is the map of the venue for reference:

    2. After deciding which ticket you’re gonna buy, you need to create an account at SM tickets first. They are the official ticket distributor of The Manila Masters, go to and register.
    – Make sure that the name you enter in the smtickets website is your real name and it’s the same name printed on your credit card since you will have to present these during ticket redemption.
    – Bring with you a valid government ID during redemption.
    – You will need to present the credit card you used during purchase and the credit card number must be the same as indicated in the claim ticket voucher.
    – They do not allow ticket redemption via representative, the credit card owner who made the purchase will only be the one allowed to redeem the ticket.

    3. Once you’ve created your account at smtickets, click this link to go to the Master Manila ticket page: In there you can choose which ticket you want to buy, if you’re buying the VIP or lower rank ticket you may choose your seat manually but if you want the general seating or the upper rank then you only need to enter the quantity and click add to cart.
    – After choosing the ticket, seat and quantity, click add to cart and you will be asked to log in.
    – Scroll down and you will see your order summary, click checkout and you will be redirected to the credit card page.

I only stated here the basics and the important points you need to know when buying The Manila Masters tickets online. I advise you to read and follow the insturctions properly to avoid not being able to redeem your ticket.

You can also read other details about the event and ticket purchasing at the masters official website:

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