Is DOTA 2 Dead?


Every DOTA 2 player must’ve been aware of the recent collapse of DOTA2’s number of players, the survival FPS game PLAYERUNKOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has topped the list in Steam’s top games (based on player count).

Here’s a screenshot of Steam live player statistics (October 12, 2017):

As you can see PUBG has 3 times more number of players than DOTA2. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is in the 3rd spot nearly beating DOTA2.

Now if you’ve been playing DOTA 2 for a while you could probably tell the reason, Here are the most common complaints of players that I have observed:

Cancer players – Cancer or toxic players are one of the main reasons why many players are now losing interest of DOTA 2. It is true that you can find cancer players in almost all games not only in DOTA 2 but developers should at least do something to get rid or minimize these players. Personally this is the main reason that I myself find the game stressful to play sometimes. Not only the trashtalking that makes the game stressful but when your team loses because of the toxic players you would definitely feel mad specially when you see the -25.

Updates – This is also a common complain that players post and comment on social media pages, some are complaining because of the frequent updates that they need to wait for hours before they can play (specially those who are playing on computer shops or internet cafes). Another reason why some players hate updates is because of the size of updates that takes up a lot of the hard disk memory. What I also observed is that players always complain with every update or patch, there’s always something in the patch that they don’t want. My personal take on this is that updates are important for the game, without updates the game would be boring. The developers though should also listen to the players and consider their requests.

“Valve only wants your money” – I don’t know but this makes me laugh. Some players are complaining about valve not giving free items or the items are very expensive, All players must understand that games need money to run and if you can notice almost all games sell in-game items and this way they can gain profit to continue operation. DOTA 2 is a 100% free to play game (we should at least be thankful that we don’t need to buy it) if you want your hero to look good and you have the money then you can buy items. I believe we play DOTA 2 to enjoy and not to brag about your expensive items. DOTA 2 is a battle of skills and strategies not battle of immortals and arcanas.

For me the only “real” reason that I personally sometimes prefer watching movies or playing other games rather than DOTA 2 are the cancer players, valve should focus on banning cancers or they should improve their effort in detecting toxic players and raise the penalties.

I also believe that adding new heroes more frequently will keep players excited about the game.



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