How did TNC Divide the 40 Million prize to the Players?


WESG 2016 Champions

We all know about the recent win of the Filipino Dota 2 team TNC in the WESG 2016 wherein they took home 800,000 USD (around 40 Million Pesos) that’s the very first time a Pinoy team won a DOTA 2 major event, but we’re all asking ourselves how much did the players really got from the total prize? There has been many speculations that the players only received 10% of the total prize and if we’re to compute that’s about 4 Million divided to 5 so each of them took home about 800,000 PHP.

TNC cleared the confusion in their Facebook page and they stated that the rumour is not true at all and that they give their players what they really deserve, they also added that their players are happy with the organization.

From the TNC’s founder himself

Just now I’ve watched an interview of the TNC founder Eric Redulfin and one of the questions is how do they divide the prize with their players, here’s his answer “If they become grand champions, TNC only gets 10%, The remaining 90% goes to the winners themselves”. He didn’t clarify what happens if the team doesn’t win the championship but we could assume that the players will get a lower percentage of the prize money.

So if we do the math again 90% of 40 Million is 36 Million divided by 5 so each TNC Pro Team player took home 7,200,000 PHP, if the TNC founder is telling the truth then there would be no reason for the players to be unhappy with the team.

Watch the interview of Entrepreneur Philippines with TNC’s founder Eric Redulfin here

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