How to calibrate 3k Solo MMR in Dota 2


My humble road to 3k MMR

I know 3k Solo MMR is not that of a very big deal but for amateur Dota 2 players like me, it’s still something we could be proud of. So bare with me and thank you in advance for taking your time reading this simple story of mine ūüôā and sorry for any grammar errors lol.

I’m not a “PRO”

First of all I don’t consider myself pro Dota2 player, I’m just an average player who don’t even know how to use all the heroes in Dota. I just wanna share with you my simple way of getting to 3k solo MMR. BTW¬†I’ve been playing Dota 2 for almost¬†a year already upon this date of posting.

What role or position do I play

About the role I’m playing, most of the time I play carry but just like I said I still can’t¬†play all carry heroes.

If you ask me “so you don’t play support at all?” Well I know the very basics of supporting and I play support sometimes but I feel bored when playing support hero (or I’m just used to playing carry since the beginning and I’m more comfortable) please forgive my excuses ūüėÄ Even in Dota 1 days I prefer carry or “hitter” which is the term back then. I think also I have played Dota 1 for more or less 1 year as well.

I also play offlane, actually it is my second favorite role¬†ūüôā I’m a big fan of tank heroes like Centaur, Timbersaw, specially Bristleback!

Do I mid?¬†Yeah I play mid role sometimes and some of my mid heroes are Ember Spirit, Timbersaw, Viper etc. I’m still in the process of learning other heroes in Dota 2 and I hope I can atleast learn half of the heroes.

How many accounts do I have?

Now back to our main topic here how I reached 3k MMR, actually I got to 3k MMR in my second account , I created my very first account late 2015¬†and I decided to create a new one September 2016. I don’t know if you guys know this already but if you’re struggling to reach atleast 3k MMR, I advise you to create a new account and try your best again in your first 10 games in Ranked Match (this is the TBD phase, wherein your first MMR will be decided depending on your performance in the first 10 MMR games).

I’m not also trying to brag about this but in the span of time that I created an account in DOTA2, I do not really play¬†that often because of my work before which is the normal 8 hour daytime job here in the Philippines. I could only play 1-3 games per night and at least 2 or 3 times a week and of course every day off I could play for as long as I want all day. So basically I could say that I earned 3k MMR in a year or less given that I don’t play regularly.

So how’s my MMR with my first account? The first MMR I got was 2.5 and I felt like I can’t go any further! Even I’m trying my best¬†I can’t climb to 3k, whenever I reach 2.7k or something I immediately fall back to 2.5 or 2.4k.¬†Since nothing happened I lost hope and decided to stop playing ranked match, I thought that time that If want to reach 3k I might need to play non-stop. So then¬†I only played normal matches with my friends (party) and at least I still enjoyed playing Dota2.

Why is it that hard to get 3k solo mmr?

One of the reasons why I stopped playing ranked match back then is from what I observed it’s my team mates that lead us to losing. I always do my best but there really are players that are worthy of being called “toxic”. Another reason is that in 2k MMR games¬†your team won’t have supports 90% of the time. If all 5 of you were carry no one will ever buy wards, even cour and if someone buys one it even takes 1 hour to be upgraded, that’s how toxic 2k MMR¬†is.

The technique I used

So now I decided to create a new account and see if I can do better this time, after a couple of months of levelling up to 20 (level 20 is required to play ranked match). Before all of this I had an idea, to use my favorite hero for all of the 10 deciding games in ranked match. My favorite hero by the way is Spectre ūüôā After the 10 deciding games finally I got a base MMR of 2,968! Actually I was not surprised that much because I think for myself that I already improved in playing. I figured It’s very much easier to reach 3k by creating a new account than starting from 2k and trying to climb from there.

If you’re gonna ask if I won in all the 10 games, it’s 6 win and 4 loss. They say that as long as you have high GPM & XPM (Gold Per Minute and Experience Per Minute) and also you have good KDA stats (Kill Death Assist) even you lose the game¬†it’s still¬†good when calibrating.

My simple advise to those who are struggling to reach 3k

You can also try what I did, create a new account and think of one hero that you absolutely know how to use (or you could call this your comfort hero). Once you reached level 20, play your first 10 ranked match with that hero and I assure you that you will get much higher MMR than your previous one.

My friend also used the same technique to calibrate 3k solo mmr, he spammed Phantom Assassin and Anti-Mage and he got 3.1 Solo after the calibration.

I’ve only tested this technique with carry heroes and I have know idea if the same thing applies for support roles. If you’re a support player who calibrated 3k solo by just playing support heroes, perhaps you could share to us how you did it¬†at the comment section below ūüôā

Do you have your own road to 3k story? share them in the comments! Or If you’re having problems getting 3k solo mmr comment below and we’ll try to help you out!

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