Mineski-Dota to Reform with Mushi as Captain


This surely is hearthbreaking for all Mineski fans out there but today Mineski DotA has announced that the team which has proved to be one of the best Filipino Dota teams will undergo the biggest change in history.

Mineski Dota team from now on will be based in Malaysia under the management of Mineski Malaysia CEO Yap Chee Loong (“Kenchi”). The former Fnatic player Chai “Mushi” Yee Fung will be the new captain.

For those who are confused, the team that will be revised is the Mineski PH team not the Mineski-X/Mineski Malaysia. They already confirmed that in their facebook page.

We have no update yet regarding the former Mineski Dota players (Bimbo, Julz, Meracle, RR, Ninjaboogie) if they will stay in the team or not.

references: http://www.facebook.com/mineskidota, http://www.mineski.net/news/mineski-dota-will-reform-and-be-captained-by-mushi
img source: mineski.net

UPDATE: http://godlikegamers.net/mineski-dota-new-official-roster-march-23-2017/

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