Earn SLP Fast for Beginners – Axie Infinity Farming Guide

If you’re reading this article, then I suppose you have an Axie team already.

This tutorial is perfect for those who just bought their Axie team and have no idea how to start farming SLP efficiently. Or if you are planning to start with the game and want to know the basics of earning SLP first before buying your first Axies.

What is SLP

Smooth Love Potion is the reward you get from completing certain tasks in the game. You can get SLP if you complete levels or also called ruins in adventure mode, and you can also get SLP from winning arena matches (PVP mode).

How Much SLP can you Earn from Adventure and Arena

Important: Axie Infinity game developers updated the SLP earning mechanism, you can now only earn minimum of 75 SLP instead of 150. Read the SLP update here.

For complete beginners, you can earn a minimum of 150 SLP daily. You can earn a total of 100 SLP in adventure mode and 50 SLP bonus if you complete the daily quest.

In order to complete the daily quest, you only need to win in 10 adventure modes and win 5 matches in the arena mode.

How Can I Earn more than 150 SLP in 1 Day?

For those who are wondering how other players are earning more than the “daily quota” of 150 SLP, here’s how they do it.

In Axie Infinity, you will get 20 energies per day. It resets at 8:00 in the morning Philippine time.

It costs 1 energy per game in the adventure mode win or lose, same with arena 1 energy per game win or lose.

Now if you spend your energy in the adventure mode, your Axies will gain EXP per win. Meaning they will level up.

But if you spend your energy in the arena mode, you will get SLP on every win.

Axie Infinity Adventure SLP Rewards Chart:

For beginners, it is recommended to spend all your 20 energies in the adventure mode until your Axies can complete the higher ruins. The reason behind this is you will get higher SLP on the higher ruins, thus you can reach the 100 SLP faster.

But if you really want to earn more than 150 SLP per day even if you just started, what you can do is spend 10 energies in the Adventure mode and 10 energies in the Arena mode. That way, your Axies can still level up little by little as compared to using all 20 energies in the Arena mode, you won’t get any EXP for your Axies.

Let’s say you win 5 out of 10 arena matches and you get 7 SLP per win, that’s 35 SLP + 100 in Adventure + 50 Daily Quest. You can earn more or less 185 SLP in one day depending on how many arena matches you can win and also depending on your MMR. See below for the SLP MMR chart.

Once your Axies reach their max level, you can now complete the high ruins that can give 10-20 SLP per win and you can reach 100 SLP in adventure in less than an hour. Also, you can now use all your energies in the Arena mode since you don’t have to level up your Axies. This gives you more chances of winning SLPs.

Let’s say you win 13 out of 20 arena matches and you get 7 SLP per win, that’s 91 + 100 from adventure + 50 from daily quest. You can earn more or less 241 SLP in one day. Again that amount can be lower or higher depending on your win percentage and your MMR.

How much SLP can you Get from Winning Arena Matches

The SLP reward depends on your MMR or Matchmaking Rating. Here’s Axie Infinity MMR SLP reward chart.

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