How I Reached Mythic Rank in 1 Month (1 Simple Strategy)

Here I will share the exact strategy I did to reach Mythic rank in the game Mobile Legends in one month. I have a total of 600+ matches when I got to Mythic rank including my matches in classic mode, which is about a hundred. I think I played classic mode for 1 week and been playing rank for a month. If you were to ask this is my first account in Mobile Legends but I have a background in MOBA games, I’ve played DOTA 2 before which is a PC game and a more complicated one. Both games are in the same genre MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) but are different in so many ways.

I also played Solo queue all the time which is harder than playing with a party in my opinion.

Mythic Rank in 1 Month Mobile Legends

Disclaimer: I’m not claiming that I’m the best Mobile Legends player nor the fastest player to get to Mythic rank. I wrote this article to share my personal strategies to win more games and rank faster, not to brag or anything. You also are not forced to do what I did, besides not everyone has the same playstyle.

I already wrote an article before on how I reached Legend rank in 2 weeks, and as promised here’s a new one on how I got to Mythic. This will be like an updated version.

What Exact Strategy I used to Reach Mythic Rank Fast

So let me go straight to the point, I got to Mythic rank just by using tank heroes. Yup, I played tank role in every game. I know most players hate playing tank role, most players will only pick a tank hero if they are the last one to pick and so they have no choice. If you’re unlucky enough, you will have a cancer teammate who won’t pick tank hero even if he’s the last pick.

But I am one of the few players that love playing tank role. Even back in Warcraft DOTA and DOTA 2 days that I also loved playing before, my favorite heroes were Bristleback and Spectre who are very difficult to kill.

Another reason why I love playing tank role in Mobile Legends is that I can pick tank almost 100% of the time, especially in draft pick (Epic rank and above). A very small percentage of players actually pick tank heroes so you don’t have to worry about fighting with your teammates on who gets to pick tank. That being said, you don’t have to adjust in the drafting phase of the game. Compared to marksman, it’s very hard to get marksman role if you’re not in the first 2 picks. In that case, your team may only allow you to pick marksman if you have a very high win rate.

The Heroes I Used to Reach Mythic in ML

From Warrior to Grandmaster rank I used only one hero which is Esmeralda. I found out about her because in every game that she is in my enemy, she always dominates and I lose most of the time. So I decided to buy her, by using Esmeralda I won games very easily until I reached Epic rank wherein she was always being banned. Up until now in Mythic rank, Esmeralda is one of the very first heroes being banned.

There’s even one game where I got 25 kills with no death, that’s how good Esmeralda is.

25 kills 0 death mobile legends

Since I can’t use my favorite hero anymore I looked for a new hero to learn and that suits my playstyle. I tried using all tank heroes but the ones that I liked the most were Khufra and Uranus.

Uranus rank mode win streak mythic
khufra rank mode win streak mythic

What Makes a Great Tank Hero

I love using heroes that have skills that give shield or reduce the damage being taken. For Khufra he has a second skill wherein he turns into a ball and increases defense up to 100% when max level for a few seconds, not only that his 2nd skill makes him tankier it also slows enemies that it hits. Khufra is a perfect hero for team fights because of his cc (crowd control) skills. With his first skill, he can knock up the first hero he hits with it. While with his 3rd skill he can throw enemies to a wall and stun them.

For Uranus his second skill allows him to dash and gain a shield, his 1st skill also when hit enemies reduce their damage. Another ability that makes Uranus very tanky is his passive skill wherein he gains regen whenever he is being attacked by enemies. And to make him even more difficult to kill his 3rd skill gives him more stacks of regen and makes him run faster for a few seconds.

Khufra is more of a setter and tank, while Uranus is what I call the “killer tank”.

uranus tank mvp all the time
tank uranus mvp win streak mobile legends

Yup, I love Uranus very much.

Another tank hero that I love using is Minotaur, he is very hard to kill because of his second skill which provides heal to him and to his teammates. Minotaur is also one of the best setters in the game with his ulti. He can knock up all nearby heroes for a few seconds while also dealing true damage. And for his 1st skill, you can use it to go in and out of a battle.

Please leave a comment below if you want me to write detailed guides for specific heroes in Mobile Legends.

Other Factors that Affect the Result of the Game

Aside from not having a tank or not having a good hero composition in your team, there are a lot of factors that highly contribute whether you win or lose in a game.

The most common and in my opinion the biggest problem in MOBA games, not just Mobile Legends are toxic or cancer players. Even if you do your best or most of your team do their part but you have one toxic/cancer teammate, you can still lose.

How Not to be a Cancer ML Player

Here are some tips for your team to do better in the game:

  • Learn to adjust in the drafting phase. It’s simple, do not pick Marksman if your team already has a marksman. Pick a hero that your team needs especially if you are the last pick. For example, if your team does not have a tank do not be an as*hole and pick tank.

To be able to do this, you should learn how to play all the roles in Mobile Legends. You should master at least 2 or 3 heroes per role so that you have back up heroes when your other heroes are banned or are already picked.

  • Do not flame a teammate if he dies. Give him a chance to redeem himself, there’s a high chance that he will play worse if you continue to trash talk him. Besides chatting frequently makes you lose focus on the game.
  • Never practice in Rank mode. This should be a common sense, you can practice a hero in AI and Classic mode as much as you want but not in Rank mode.
  • Always give buffs and last hits to the heroes that are supposed to carry your team (eg. Marksman, fighter, mage) especially if you are playing support or tank role. It is to make them level up faster and buy their items quick.

More tips to be a better Mobile Legends Player

Here are some of my tips for beginners:

1.) Understand the items and learn how they work, you should put more time in reading and understanding the items in the game. By doing this you can make your own builds that are best for the enemy and that suit your play style.

Because I love playing Uranus, I’ve made up my own best build for him which surprisingly got to the hot and pro builds. I don’t know how the pro builds that you can see in the game are being picked but I managed to get to top 1 position. Since they change who goes to the top builds from time to time so I took a screenshot while I’m still there.

top 1 in pro builds uranus
all server rank 1 build uranus

I’m not even using the same build in every game, I adjust my build depending on the enemy. If you want me to write a detailed build guide comment down below.

2.) Practice is key. I believe that the more you play the game, the better you will be with it. You will learn strategies yourself as you play more games.

3.) One at a time. If you’re a complete beginner in ML, you should focus on playing 1 hero and 1 role first. But of course, for you to find the hero you like and want to master, you will need to try and play all of them. Once you really mastered 1 hero, you can now try and learn other heroes. I also recommend that you only play 1 or 2 roles in the beginning, the reason for this is so that you can focus on leveling up your emblem for your role. Having a low-level emblem will result in a huge disadvantage when playing against players with high-level emblem. Once you reach at least emblem level 45 for 1 or 2 roles, you can now begin mastering other roles you want.

I highly recommend you to master 2 or even 3 roles at the same time because not every time you can get the role you want, unless you’re a cancer player and pick a marksman even if there’s already one in your team.

4.) Learn from the Pros. Another very good way to learn techniques is to watch youtube gameplays from top players. Just go to youtube and search for “hero name” + gameplay eg. Esmeralda Gameplay. The most common gameplays being uploaded to youtube are those from top 1 global players, you can definitely get a few strategies by watching them.

UPDATE March 2020:

After almost a year of not playing, I played Mobile Legends again and since I was mythic rank the last time I played, I started back in epic rank. I did the same strategy which is I only used tank heroes and I got to mythic again in just 1 week. I used my two favorite tank heroes Uranus and Khufra, they still worked for me like before.

mythic again
khufra tank win streak mvp mobile legends
mvp uranus ml
mvp khufra ml
killer tank mobile legends

BTW I have a youtube channel now! I will upload some of my gameplays there. Let me show you how exciting tank heroes can be 🙂

Here’s my very first upload, a Uranus gameplay in solo ranked:

Visit my youtube channel:

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