Playing PUBG on a GTX 1060 GB, i5 7600k, 16 GB RAM

Here I will share what it is like playing PUBG steam on a PC that has these specs:

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 GB
CPU: Intel Core i5-7600k
RAM: 16 GB

Today’s date btw is May 10, 2020, as we know when games are updating, they require more and more powerful computer hardware.

Loading Time

It takes 1 minute and 30 seconds to open the game until you see the lobby screen.

Once you find a match, the loading screen takes 36 seconds to get you to the spawn area.

Settings and FPS

Here are my settings, you can see that most of the options are on low:

With this settings I get 110+ FPS but it sometimes drops to 75.

The graphics is not that sharp but it’s still not that bad and you can still see enemies which is what’s important. You can adjust the settings as you wish but if you set the options higher than low or medium, you will get bad FPS and you will feel the stutter when playing.


You can play and enjoy PUBG with these PC specs but do not expect to play in high or ultra settings, not even in medium settings. To make your FPS stay at 90-100, you will have to sacrifice the graphics quality and set them to low.

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